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What do you charge for your services?

My cost for performing any ceremony is a flat rate that includes a meeting between us to discuss the details of your ceremony, a rehearsal, and the wedding day itself.  With the cost of travel what it is, there will be an increase of said flat rate due to the location of your ceremony.  A final cost will be given during correspondence after I know all the necessary information of your big day.  Should you wish to inquire further, please use the form available on the Interested? page and include the ceremony location in your question.  If you would like a price quote for coordination services, please use the aforementioned form on the Interested? page and include any questions with all pertinent information about your wedding plans thus far. 

Do you charge extra for adding rituals into our ceremony?

I do not.  You may have as many rituals as you like (sand ceremony, Handfasting, etc.) involved in your ceremony.  There is never an extra cost for this. 

How can we find out if you are even available on our wedding day?

Click on the Availability link in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.  If you see your wedding day listed, then I am not available that day.  If you are still not sure, feel free to send me an e-mail.

Do you allow photographs to be taken during the ceremony?

Most definitely.  I have known too many couples who have few to no pictures of their wedding because the officiant didn't allow photography during the ceremony.  This is your wedding, so have all the pictures taken you want!

Can we write our own ceremony if we want?

You may write to your hearts content.  Should you need advice, my outlines are only an e-mail away.  Once your ceremony is the way you want it, simply send me a copy and I will go over it and shine it up for you.

What if we want to write our own vows?

Of course, that's perfectly fine.  I think personalized vows are more meaningful in the long run.  Send me a copy of them, and I will have them printed on card stock for you both to read from during the ceremony.  Even if you decide to memorize them, send me a copy anyway.  That way you have a back-up, just in case.

We want to use one of the rituals mentioned on your site.  Can you help us find what we would need?

Absolutely.  Just let me know which ritual you would like to use and which items you need help finding.  I can recommend vendors with great quality wedding accessories.

If we want to use your officiant services, do we have to use your coordination services?  On the other hand, if we would like your help with coordinating, do we have to use you as our officiant?  Can you do both?

No, no and yes.  I am thrilled to do one or the other and am experienced enough to do both for you.  Still, should you book me as your officiant, then decide you'd like my help with the coordination (or vice versa), we can certainly make that happen since you know I'll already be available on your wedding day.

Is there a particular religion that you prefer to work with?

Not at all.  I am open to all types of worship and devotion.  I do try to keep myself knowledgable of the most widely followed religions and their traditional marriage ceremonies.  As a rather open person, I can acclimate myself to any particular religion's order of service.  You need only tell me which, if any, religion(s) you follow and I can work with you on an appropriate ceremony.

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