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Ceremony Ideas

Ceremony Ideas


Traditional/Contemporary Ceremonies

Typically, the traditional ceremony is the more religious of the two; usually containing Biblical and religious-themed readings, and having the ceremony worded to reflect the couples' devotion to each other and to God.  The contemporary ceremony can be as religious or as spiritual as you prefer with your choice of any type of religious/non-religious readings or musical solos and wedding prayers/blessings.


Non-Denominational or Civil Ceremonies

These are best for those couples who are more spiritual than religious or aren't religious at all.  Containing much of the same format as the contemporary ceremony, everything is condensed and chosen to reflect the couples' feelings solely for each other.  The subject of the address and any readings will focus on the love between the couple.  


Short and Sweet Ceremonies

Want something quick and easy?  Then this one is for you.  Often lasting about 10 minutes, this ceremony does away with readings/songs, prayers/blessings and usually contains only one or two rituals of your choice (ring exchange, sand ceremony, etc.) to save time.


Interfaith Ceremonies

Are exactly like they sound.  They have the same aspects of a traditional ceremony, only with a few added steps.  These steps acknowledge and/or combine faiths, usually by having two readings (one for each faith), and sometimes two or three added rituals.


Handfasting Ceremonies

Traditionally performed by ancient Celts and those of a Pagan faith, Handfastings were a commitment of betrothal or engagement.  The ceremony publicly declared the couples' intention to marry one year and a day after their Handfasting.  The couple holds hands in a figure 8; the sign of infinity.  Their hands are then bound together with a cord or a set of cords made specifically for them, if not made by them.  Modern Pagan Handfastings involve casting a Sacred Circle, invoking the God/Goddess and the Elementals of Life, the exchanging of vows and rings, a simple "cake and ale" ceremony (the couple share a chalice of wine or juice and feed one another a bit of cake), the Handfasting itself, and ends with the couple jumping the besom broom and breaking down the Circle. 

However, a Handfasting can be a unique addition to any wedding ceremony and, nowadays, can be performed by any faith.


All in the Family Ceremonies

In today's society, more and more couples wish to involve offspring in their wedding.  These ceremonies focus on the family aspect above all else, predominately in readings and rituals.  Additions to the ceremony include a celebration of the new family, parental commitment to the children, the presentating of any gifts (usually for the children as a sign of a complete family) and the optional added ritual (the giving of the Family Medallion®).


Vow Renewal Ceremonies

For these, the original wedding ceremony may be re-read, or an entirely new one created.  These are possibly the most unique of ceremonies with double the options being open to you, combining the past and the present with all the best hope for the future.


Ceremonies Between Same Sex Couples

Any of the ceremony styles and rituals you see on my site are available to ALL couples marrying in Maryland.

Know that I am both pleased AND proud to marry any two people who wish to commit to one another. 

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